Apple is a good investment

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Apple stock

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Apple IIGS

Reasons to buy Apple stocks: Mad scramble by the company to buy back its own shares is a good sign of confidence of insiders in the company’s future. good long-term investment = good potential return x high likelihood of achieving that return. In that respect it turns out that AAPL (just like any individual stock really) is a bad long-term investment compared to an index (such as NASDAQ).

NEW YORK -- Before you jump on me for the headline, please hear me I say Apple is a bad investment, I mean at this point in time, it is not an investment stock. Investors live in a. Still, some financial analysts still see Apple as a good bet.

Many have have a “buy” recommendation on the firm, even after factoring in lower iPhone sales levels as the new normal. Sources: Apple reduced production orders for all new iPhone models in recent weeks; iPhone XR production was slashed by up to one third of the initial 70M — In recent weeks, Apple slashed production orders for all three iPhone models that it unveiled in September.

Apple Inc. has had a tough couple of weeks. The company showed strong growth in the last quarter, but the oversized expectations of Wall Street, worries about future iPhone sales, a likely weakness in the Chinese market for U.S goods due to the country’s recent devaluation of its currency, and a tepid start for Apple Music, have all conspired to .

Apple is a good investment
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