Essay on great leader of pakistan

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In the wake of Amritsar, Gandhi, who had written to India and become a financially respected leader and then influential in the Congress, called for movement against the British. He became the best of the Muslim League. By he became an additional leader of the Muslims.

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A great leader is always willing to go the extra mile to do something great—and they inspire others to do the same. This, I believe. A great leader inevitably holds some amount of. Essay on Abraham Lincoln: a Great Leader Words | 4 Pages Abraham Lincoln was a man of humble beginnings who, though self-taught, rose to greatness through the many leadership qualities that he possessed.

Pakistan is a constitutionally Islamic country of South Asia, founded inand a test case for Islamic democracy. In its experience with democracy, Pakistan compared well with other constitutionally Islamic states. Quaid E Azam, The Best Leader. Print Reference this.

Essay on A Great National Leader of India

Disclaimer: the formulation of the Muslim demand for Pakistan had a great impact on the course of Indian politics. It shattered forever the Hindu dreams of Indian, in fact, Hindu empire on British exit from India.

If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to. Jun 24,  · The question is what distinguishes a great leader from a good leader.

Essay on A Great National Leader of India

I knew this question can be answered if I dig deep and get a solid understanding of the secret mantra behind great leadership.

I achieved this by studying the leadership of five of the greatest Management Gurus of my time. Pakistan is a great country, with the largest Islamic population in the world and I think a great political leader who will help make Pakistan a better place.

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Essay on great leader of pakistan
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Essay on A Great National Leader of India