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Othello is known to the senators and the rest of the characters as a great war hero full of pride and courage. However, as the play progresses, Othello’s character begins to deteriorate. His character changes from that of a flawless leader to a murderer after Othello is. Othello, a Story of Rejection, Prejudice, Envy, and Revenge The play “Othello” moves around the story of a Moor who has just run away with the beautiful Desdemona and leaves Venice to command the Venetian armies against the Turks on the island of Cyprus.

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Essay: Feminism in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre

According to Aristotle, Othello’s hamartia is brought on by selfish pride and a driven ego. For example, because of his position as a General, who was strong, brave and highly respected among his peers, Othello believed he was a great man despite being a North African Moor.

Feminism has been a prominent and controversial topic in writings for the past two centuries. With novels such as Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, or even William Shakespeare’s Macbeth the fascination over this subject by authors is evident.

Essay on Pride and the Tragic Hero in Oedipus Rex and Othello Words | 5 Pages Pride and the Tragic Hero in Oedipus Rex and Othello Pride is one of the seven deadly sins.

Othello pride essay
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