Pearl s buck s the good earth

Pearl S. Buck

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The Good Earth

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The Good Earth

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Nobel Laureate Pearl S.


Buck’s epic Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and Oprah Book Club selection about a vanished China and one family’s shifting fortunes.

Though more than seventy years have passed since this remarkable novel won the /5(K). The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck is a story of a family in China who struggles during a famine and drought in the 's. This novel illustrates the harsh life of /5(). The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck was her second novel.

It was published in and led the bestseller list for almost two years. The story of a Chinese peasant farmer named Wang Lung, this piece of literature was adapted into a Broadway play and movie after being translated in more than thirty different languages worldwide.

Watch video · Prolific author Pearl S. Buck earned a Pulitzer Prize for her novel The Good Earth. She was also the fourth female to win a Nobel Prize for Literature. Pearl S.

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